Kelley Bothe, LICSW
Phone: 781-277-7687

If you are struggling with a difficult relationship, a life-transition, the death of a loved-one, a separation or divorce, depression, anxiety, or some other life stress, I can be a helpful resource for you.

As a clinician who has practiced psychotherapy for over 25 years I have deep respect for the therapeutic process and the capacity of individuals to heal and grow.

As an interactive therapist I will work with you collaboratively, fostering your emotional growth as we work toward mutually defined goals. I bring an attitude of curiosity and compassion to whatever issues you bring to your therapy and I teach you to do the same. In a nonjudgmental way we will explore the issues that are necessary to allow you to more deeply know yourself and improve your overall sense of well-being.

I believe psychotherapy:

  • Is an opportunity for you to learn new levels of self-awareness and improve your overall sense of well-being
  • Involves getting to know yourself more deeply and gaining insight into what interferes with more satisfying life choices
  • Involves improving your interpersonal life by helping you better understand your feelings, needs, and wants, and learning how to express and manage these effectively
  • Involves learning and practicing new behaviors that can improve the quality of your life
  • Is about grieving past disappointments and losses, when necessary

In addition to my work with adults in individual therapy, I also lead divorce support groups. If you are going through or have been through a divorce you may be experiencing a “roller coaster” of feelings:

  • dumbfounded and devastated
  • shocked
  • fear
  • profound loneliness
  • anger
  • cut off from your friends, family
  • low self esteem
  • depression
  • anxiety
  • shame and self blame

One important step toward healing from this profound loss can be found in a confidential divorce support group where grieving, healing, and growth, can occur. Please call me to learn more about the details of these groups.

I bring the mind/body practice of Focusing to my work as a psychotherapist. Focusing is characterized by a gentle, respectful, and mindful attitude of self-compassion that teaches us to listen deeply to our inner self – our inner wisdom. I have found Focusing to be an invaluable practice that helps people find inner balance and peace.

I am a Diplomat in Clinical Social Work and received my Master’s in Social Work from Simmons College in 1986. In 1996 I received an additional Certification in Group Psychotherapy from the Northeastern Society for Group Psychotherapy. Studying women’s issues for the past 20 years in an ongoing women’s group at the Family Institute of Cambridge, has also contributed greatly to my own self-awareness and my clinical work.

Please call me if you would like to know more about my practice or if you would like to set up an appointment.